Why do I need a website?

The digital age has made a lot of people rich, famous and wealthy. There are many people who completely ignore technology or whom are simply afraid of what it can accomplish. There are numerous ways the internet can can help you and your business. The most obvious being marketing! Some might say but what do you mean?? Well think about a global market, targeted ads and campaigns to users looking for your product or service. This is all possible with a website.

A website can help you increase your sales, broaden your target market and ultimately improve your business income. Have an opinion? A website can help you get your thoughts out there to the world. The global visibility is a real aspect, one search in Google or Bing and your business pops up, this can develop many leads. Not sure how a website or the web works? This is where we can help you.

Digital Starfish is a development house that helps with all web work. If you need a website we can build it for you. Want an app? Call us! Need digital marketing? Email us! Actually you can do either. We can get you up to speed in no time.

How much does a website cost?

The Digital Starfish can build a custom designed website for you from R4, 995. This includes a fully functional website, Domain registration to suit your business name, deployment and first months free hosting. You can add value by taking up marketing. We offer social media marketing, on site optimization (SEO) and Google Adwords. We can also build a content management system where you can run ads and get paid by simply writing blogs. A CMS built by us costs more than a basic website as mentioned above but give us a shout on +27 76 134 3220 and we can construct a quote to suit your budget.


Marketing is a time consuming part of the digital world. We generally quote this by hours as every campaign is unique. We have creativity flowing through the Digital Starfish family and can generate a lot of traffic for your website. Marketing is where you generate leads, sales and reports. All this valuable data will be compiled into a neat report for you to adjust future campaigns, products and target markets.

Web Apps?

We can build custom web applications. This is how many of our fellow brothers and sisters became millionaires. Think Facebook, Instagram, Whats app and Twitter. These web applications turned many into billionaires. If you have that idea, talk to us, we can help you realize that dream.

The Digital Starfish family can help with web maintenance of any sort. Need a WordPress update? We can help. Need a PHP upgrade? Email us! We can help with all your digital needs. Stay healthy and stay safe, until the next post, go well.


A really simple and easy to understand read for us who don't really understand what this website thing is all about. Thank you
[by James]
My site was built extremely quickly and the whole process was smooth. Thanks to the Digital Starfish team.
[by Jasmin]

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