WordPress vs Custom Code

When most people start their online journeys, they often opt for a WordPress application. Why? Well WordPress is known for rapid web development. This means it is a super fast build for the initial phase. It is also really easy to manage as there are plugins and themes that allow for page builders. What are page builders? Lets just say you dont need to know coding to build a web page.

Why WordPress is awesome

As we mentioned, WordPress allows for speedy development and you dont need to be a web developer to build a page or functionality you may need for your application. A staff member, wife, husband or even children can learn how to navigate around a WordPress application. It really is that easy, all that is required is time to learn how the WordPress application works. Due to this your initial build for your application will be much cheaper than a custom application.

Why WordPress is NOT awesome

With having the ease of the initial build, there are some setbacks. Many WordPress themes and plugins often require updates. This means you will have to mange your application constantly making sure everything is up to date. These updates can sometimes ruin the way your application works due to major changes. This can affect your user experience, professionalism and view of your application. Due to this more development time is often required to keep things neat, fresh and manageable.  In our years of development we have seen many applications being abandoned due to constant development time being needed with WordPress applications. WordPress applications are also heavy and slow, why? Well there are a lot of files that work together to make WordPress come alive. This puts strain on computer and browser memory resulting in slow load times and poor user experience.

So I should choose a custom coded application?

We recommend it however if you want a quick simple build your staff can manage then we would recommend WordPress. Custom coded applications are much quicker at browser load time and also allow for extreme flexibility. Your application will have less files resulting in a smaller application making load time faster. You also don't need to pay monthly's for any plugins you may need for your application. These are common with WordPress builds. Custom applications require a longer initial build making it a bit more expensive. This however has major advantages as mentioned. We at Digital Starfish are available for consulting if you are still unsure of what technologies to choose for your application.

Which ever you decide we are here to help. There couldn't be a better time to go online than now. Act fast and get your business online. Start reaching your global audience today!

Be safe, much love from the Digital Starfish team.


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